First off, We give all praise to Jesus Christ! Next, to our wives, We thank you, for letting GOD, use us, in this Ministry. Our families sacrifice, as much as we do. Next, to our great friends, Damascus Road, Greg, Laura, Tony, Jordan,and Nick, We love you guys, more than words can say. All the late nights, and support, will never go unnoticed! Thanks for believing in us, when no one else would.To Lifelight, Bloodbought, Firm Foundation, Taylor Made, Surrender,Divine Driving Force,and December Radio, We Cherish you guys as well. Also to 106.9 The Light,and 106.9 The Edge,for all you do. Last, but not least, to everyone, who has prayed for us, giving to this ministry, took a chance on us, Thank You. The names, are too many to list, but we cherish each, and every one of you! May GOD Bless you All !!!! 

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